New Town Ambulance Service is a non-profit ambulance service. We are located in the heart of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation and the Bakken Oil/Gas Formation. Due to the drastic increase in 9-1-1 calls, we are continually expanding our operations to meet the needs of the community and surrounding areas; this has become a huge financial burden for us. We utilize the most innovative, life-saving equipment and supplies to provide the best care to our patients in a safe and effective manner.

Our ambulance service depends on continued support and donations from the public and area businesses. Please donate today! All donors will receive a receipt for tax deduction purposes stating "no goods or services were received." We greatly appreciate any financial support received!

Please mail all donations to:

New Town Ambulance Service

PO Box 716

New Town, ND 58763

For questions regarding donating, please contact us at (701) 627-2992, option 1.